screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-9-58-22-pmIt would not be an exaggeration to say that Restauranteur Sami Othman was raised in a deli. From the age of ten, he worked at his father’s side at the family-owned deli in New York. A quick learner and extremely hard worker, Sami saved enough money to open his own deli in 1977 at the age of 16. He acquired the property for his deli from his father. Sami named his first restaurant Aziz O Deli, after his father.

He proved to be a natural in the restaurant business. Six months later Sami was able to open several additional delis throughout Long Island, New York. His life changed on a trip to California in 1982. He fell in love with the promise of Los Angeles and decided to sell all of his delis in New York, except for two that he gave to his brothers. Sami and his wife, Maria, packed up their young family and drove cross country to California. He opened his first California deli in Pasadena. Other delis soon followed, including one in Los Angeles.

In 2013 Sami realized a dream of combining the Hero Sandwiches of New York and the Po’ Boys Sandwiches from New Orleans and thus “Orleans and York Deli” was born. In 2015, Orleans & York Deli was named the #1 Cajun & Creole Restaurant in Los Angeles by Trip Advisor, and its Po Boy Sandwiches were named the best in Los Angeles by LA Magazine.

With several thriving Orleans and York Deli locations through southern California, Sami naturally wanted to continue crafting the best sandwich experience anyone could have. The only experience left was that of a great Cheesesteak Sandwich……From Philly!

Opening in the Fall 2016 “From Philly” is a simple concept….Cheesesteaks, Hoagies, and Ice Cream. Every bite is better than the last and its your piece of Philadelphia right around the corner. Now that his children have grown up and assumed important roles in the family business, expect many more years of amazing food that keeps you coming back.